How to Make a Small Room Feel Larger

Do you have a room in your home or apartment you wish was bigger? Luckily, you have some options. There are many ways to manipulate color, light, choices of furniture, and other tactics that will make a person feel like the space is larger than it is. Interior designers know all these tricks. But before you go out and hire one, first consider a few ways you can expand the feel of your room on your own without breaking your budget. 

Have You Thought About Your Furniture?

The furniture you have in your room is going to play an important role in how big the room feels. If you have too many pieces, it’s going to feel full. Consider what furniture you absolutely need and only go with those. 

If you have larger pieces, try to put them up against the wall to save space. It’s also a good idea to create walkways for your guests. Walkways give the feeling of space by providing lanes of traffic for your guests so they don’t have to avoid tables, chairs, or anything else that could be blocking their way. 

Consider the floor as well when choosing your furniture. Whenever you are able to see the floor of a room, it makes it feel larger. Tables with glass tops allow you to see through them and give the mind the idea that the room is bigger than it is. 

Another trick to making a room feel large is furnishing it with items that are low to the ground. Shorter chairs, couches, and cabinets expand the upper space in the room and your guests will feel that. The illusion of a higher ceiling gives the sense of openness.

Lighter Colors Will Help

In a small space, darker colors make the room feel more claustrophobic, so consider using lighter options like white or beige when choosing the color of your wall paint. Light colors help reflect natural light, also giving the feeling of a larger area. The color of your drapery and furniture will have an effect as well. Neutral-color furniture feels lighter and less oppressive in your room. Contrasting colors in furniture or upholstery can break up the visual flow of a space, so keeping a simple motif will help you in your quest to make your room seem larger. 

Brighten Things Up

Keeping a room well-lit will give it the expansive feel you’re going for in a smaller space. Strong overhead lights and lamps will eliminate darkness and shadows, keeping your space bright and cheerful.

Natural light is another option for making sure a room feels larger. Open windows and curtains to bring in the sun. If you have doors to the outside, keep them open as well. Having an open path to the outside will bring in fresh air and make someone feel like they are outdoors. A magnetic door screen installed on the outside of your exit door will ensure bugs and other pests stay outside while you can enjoy the sounds and smells of nature and give your space a greater and more open feel. Kindly visit https://avninteriors.com/contact/ to know more.

Mirrors Expand Your Space

Having a large mirror or mirrors in your room will immediately give you the feel of a much larger area. The reflection in a mirror adds depth to the visual space of your room. They also reflect light, keeping the room bright, well-lit, and feeling expansive.

Clean It Up

In a room you want to feel large, it’s a good idea to cut down on any clutter. Piles of unnecessary items show neglect and might lead someone to feel trapped in the mess. Keeping things simple and minimalistic gives your guests the sense of neatness, calm, and comfort and will allow them to relax and enjoy the space, even if it’s not as big as you would like. 

Think About the Use of Lines

Having lines in your space, such as in wood paneling, allows the eye to follow the movement around the room, creating the illusion that the room is larger than it is. Using shiplap or thin, hanging light fixtures create vertical lines that make the room feel taller. Wall paneling can also be used to make horizontal lines, which give the room a feeling of greater width.

Get Creative With Your Choices

By using a few simple tricks, you can easily make a small space in your home or apartment feel much bigger. Using lighter colors, putting some thought into your furniture, and opening windows and doors to the outside using a magnetic door screen, you can create the illusion of a larger space. Your room will feel brighter and airier and you and your guests will feel relaxed and comfortable.