How to Know It May be Time to Hire a New HOA Manager

Hiring a good HOA management company means you have experts facilitating your community’s everyday operations. If things in your association are not done as expected, you might want to find new management. Usually, everyone in the team can have a fresh understanding of their responsibilities and requirements when you talk to them. However, if frequent conversations and explanations remain futile, you must look for a dependable company that fits your community and the needs of your association. You can find a reputable company when you visit this page. The following are signs you should take that leap:

The HOA Manager Does Not Communicate with You

You must know the availability, responsiveness, and accessibility of your HOA manager. If you cannot communicate with them properly and fail to get answers to your questions, making decisions and resolutions can be hard. Without proper communication, you cannot establish and maintain a positive relationship with the management company. You may need to look for another manager if your manager does not answer your phone calls and emails.

Your Manager Doesn’t Get Things Done

HOA boards must know they can depend on their HOA manager to handle necessary projects like landscaping and painting projects. If action items discussed in board meetings do not get a follow up, you may wonder what your HOA manager is for. If you cannot depend on your HOA management company, you might not be able to trust that they will act on what they say. 

Your Manager Ignores Compliance Issues

Hiring an HOA manager is important to have an unbiased party keeping track of compliance and addressing violations. The majority of HOA board members are volunteers who find it uncomfortable to approach neighbors for their violations. An HOA manager will do this for your board. But if they are currently not addressing any compliance issues, it may be time to hire a new manager.

Your Manager Doesn’t Stay on Top of Financial Reporting and Transparency

HOA managers may handle your association’s accounting and bookkeeping including bank accounts and budgets, as well as vendor payments, and fee collection. They should provide your board with accounting statements and financial reports. If there is no financial transparency in your HOA, this can be a big red flag and you must look for new a HOA manager.  

You Get Constant Complaints from Homeowners 

If residents are complaining about your HOA manager, you must take these complaints seriously. A reputable HOA manager will ensure the boards and community residents have a good residential experience. If you start to get regular complaints from homeowners, you should find a new manager.