How to Improve Air Quality at Home

Are you wondering about how you could improve the air quality at home? If the answer is yes, then you are here at the right place. While you can immensely benefit from foam insulation, there are other ways to improve the air quality at home.

Before moving on to the remedies, you should know that it can feel comfy being confined indoors while it is snowing.

However, if you are sensitive to allergens or you have respiratory issues, there is a great chance that you might face serious issues. The same issue goes for your pets – there are certain things you can do to improve the quality of air without making the interior space tool cold in the winter.

By making a conscious effort to improve the air quality at home, you will be saving yourself loads of health problems – all you need to do is to make a few changes here and there – and before you know it, you will have massively improved the interior space.

Read on to learn more!

Declutter Your Space

The more things you have at home, the easier it is for the dust to settle on the things and never get cleaned. That said, good hygiene is crucial for a cleaner home, and we aren’t referring to your personal hygiene alone; you must make an effort to clean your house.

For instance, you might want to ensure to vacuum all carpets regularly – at least three times a week. However, we recommend avoiding wall-to-wall carpets, especially if you have small children and pets. If you want to make your interior space cozy, you can use statement rugs that are fluffy and that you can strategically place near your bed.

While you don’t have to become a minimalist, you must ensure that you only keep the things you use. Also, change the covers on your bed and pillows regularly, so you don’t get affected by the dust and other allergens.

Get an Air Purifier

Another very easy way to improve air quality is to buy an air purifier – this is specifically useful if you are suffering from certain allergies but cannot control the sources of the indoor allergens. The essential benefit of having an air purifier is that it can catch the air irritants that cannot be seen by the naked eye and hence prevent your immune system from getting triggered.

Open Your Windows

It doesn’t matter how freezing it is outside; you must ensure fresh air enters your house daily. That said, you might want to open the windows and allow fresh air to enter the interior space – you can close the windows after a while when you feel that the interior space has improved.  

You might as well call the HVAC repairman and ask them to change your filters. The thing is that dust and other irritants can get trapped inside the filters, and it can cause dusty air inside your house, which can make you sick as well.

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