How to Choose the Best Tactical Boots – Everything You Need to Know

Tactical boots are specifically developed for security officials and military personnel. They are also known as police boots, military boots, army boots, combat boots, etc. Retired and military personnel love their tactical boots and it’s no surprise the boots serve as memories that soldiers can’t express in words.

They’re durable and comfortable. Indeed, these boots are well-constructed because they’re designed for rough conditions. As a result, the tactical boots are meant for high performance, which explains their unique design.

They are designed to support and keep your feet free from injuries. After all, law enforcement, military, rescue, and first responders use these tough boots on rough terrain and in extreme circumstances.

Army tactical boots offer the following:

  • Lightweight feel
  • Ankle stability
  • Heel support
  • Excellent foot protection
  • Excellent grip

Hence, tactical boots can become famous for outdoor recreational use because they’re fashionable, comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and more. But, choosing the best Danner boots for police or lay persons can be a big challenge.

Here are some essential tips to get you started.

Tips to Choose the Best Tactical Boots

1. Lightweight as Possible

Today, Danner combat boots are hugely popular because of their lightweight construction. Military professionals wear their boots for extended hours and walk on rough terrain. Therefore, they are easy to walk with and tough enough to stand up for the mission.

Finding a lightweight Danner combat boot that offers comfort and endures the stress of performing tactical tasks can take a lot of work. Even so, these tactical boots should ease movement.

2.The Material Used to Make the Boots

  • The Sole of the Boot

The sole of your tactical boots should be made from quality material. After all, the primary function of this part of the shoe is to absorb shocks and protect your feet.

The following are the components of any Danner law enforcement boots:

  • Insole

The primary purpose of the insole is to evacuate sweat and keep your foot dry. An open-pore polyurethane foam sole is one of the most favored materials because it drains perspiration quickly. Shoe manufacturers use Ortholite technology because it has an anti-microbial and, most importantly, anti-odor treatment.

  • Midsole

It’s a crucial part of the boot that falls between the outsole and sock liner. This part affects the stability and cushioning of your boot.

  • Outsole

The outsole is the outer part of the boot that protects your foot. The outsole is responsible for stabilization and anchoring, thus ensuring good unrolling of your foot when walking. 

Vibram sole technology is used on Danner army boots because it improves grip. It also has anti-vibration and anti-abrasion properties.

  • The Upper Part of the Boot

The boot’s upper part comprises the tongue, quarters, and vamp. This part protects the lower part of your leg or shin. Leather, fabric, or a mixture of the two are the ideal materials for this part. 

Some of the well-known materials that manufacturers of Danner army boots use are:

  • Full-Grain Leather

Skin leather or genuine leather, is solid and has a higher fiber density. On the other hand, suede leather, which is obtained from the inner part of the leather, is soft and supple. Manufacturers use them to make some parts of desert boots lighter and easier to maintain.

  • Synthetic Leather

This type of leather is made from polyester and has a polyurethane coating. This makes it less costly than skin leather. Synthetic leather is ideal for making boots for moderate professional use.

  • Cordura Fabric

Nylon fabric is usually resistant to scratches and tears. That’s why it’s used in many shoes and tactical boots.

3. Several Technical Features

The best Danner boots for police and military personnel have many technical features. Here are the must-have features.

  • Scuff Guards

The reinforcement on the toes is mainly made of leather or rubber. This feature protects your toes and makes your military boots durable.

  • Protective Toe Cap

The feature is mainly found not only on PPE shoes but also on tactical boots. Composite Toe Caps and Steel Toe Caps are the most common.

  • Anti-Static Outsole

It’s a perfect feature for someone who passes through the security gate multiple times daily. So, it’s a must-have for EOD specialists.

  • Breathable Waterproof Membrane Lining

Danner law enforcement boots are designed to maintain dry feet and wick away sweat. It’s because they have a breathable waterproof membrane lining. Many brands use Gore-Tex because it’s the best-known breathable membrane.

  • Open or Closed Lace Eyelets

Lacing hooks are essential because they help you fasten your shoes. But, these laces can be trapped when hiking, especially in dense vegetation. So, skydivers should have closed eyelets and not hooks.

Other features include mesh panels, side-zip, etc.

4. Requirement for Your Mission

The choice of your tactical boots depends on the type of mission. Members of law enforcement, military, and medical personnel buy their pair of boots based on the following factors:

  • The Work Environment

All boots are made for specific environments. Thus, when buying your tactical boots, you should consider your particular environment, i.e., the urban, desert, or mountainous areas. 

Their features make it possible to perform some tasks and not others. Also, it would help if you considered the color and height of your boots based on your environment.

  • The Type of Weather

The climate is one of the crucial features you should consider when shopping for tactical boots. Danner law combat boots should be waterproof in wet environments. They also need to be breathable during hot weather. This means they should have breathable panels on the upper part of the boots. It helps to know what breathable shoes are.

  • Length of the Mission

How long do you want your boots to last? The army considers the length of its mission when buying shoes. They want to avoid footwear problems while on a foreign assignment. Even so, not all expensive combat boots are durable. Some manufacturers of the less costly boots also offer a better guarantee.

  • The Type of Activities You Will Perform

What actions will you perform while wearing your boots? Is it abseiling, patrolling, running, or any other related action? If so, look for Danner law enforcement boots with an athletic feel. 

But, you should remember that some brands compromise durability for comfort or for design boots that are costly to maintain yet reasonable for any performance.

Bottom Line

The marketplace has several tactical boots options. The best Danner boots for police, military, or paramedic should be easy to walk in, durable, have advanced technical features, and be appropriate for the mission. 

Ideal boots should allow you to perform your functions without injuring your foot. This implies that you should manage to walk over rocky paths, through streams, or chase suspects across rebar or broken glass.

This guide has covered the basics regarding the weight and the material of law enforcement boots. The insight given will help you shop for the best tactical boots.