How did the concept of coworking spaces come into existence? Know its history 

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The history of coworking isn’t particularly long, but it is a fiery one. Coworking has grown from a small-scale, part-time venture to a global phenomenon in a relatively short period. Today, we are approaching 2 million co-workers working from thousands of locations worldwide.  

Regardless of how quickly coworking has grown over the last few decades, the core values appear to have endured. Nowadays, coworking spaces range from the small and niche to the large and expansive. Nonetheless, a common thread can be found in the emergence of coworking. 

What is the significance of Coworking space?  

Believe it or not, coworking spaces can be traced back to 1995 in Berlin, Germany. What you might not expect to hear is that the first pseudo-coworking space, C-Base, was founded as a “hackerspace” by 17 computer engineers.  

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History behind coworking space 

Bernard DeKoven, an American game designer, author, lecturer, and “fun theorist,” coined the term “coworking” in 1999. While he didn’t realize it at the time, he was laying the groundwork for what coworking is today.  

However, he was referring to a way of working rather than a specific location at the time: his vision for the future of work was based on a desire to increase collaboration and eliminate hierarchy from the professional structure. 

For millions of professionals worldwide, the term “coworking” has come to represent a new and innovative way of working. It is unsurprising given that the industry grew by nearly 30% between 2013 and 2018. 

But, even more notable than its historical growth, coworking spaces worldwide is expected to double by 2025. So, how did coworking grow from a minor industry to one that could account for 30% of all office stock in the United States by the end of the decade? 

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