How can a moving company stand out?

  Moving company advertising has evolved a lot in recent years with technology. Instead of manually contacting potential customers, you can now reach people who are interested in affordable moves and storage with your van using the internet.

 This is beneficial to you because it’s much easier to get started and if you use Neely’s moving services as well then we can create ads on relevant websites that put your business right in front of customers – which means more bookings for you!

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 As a moving company owner, you probably know how hard advertising can be, especially when there are so many companies all competing for the same customers.

But are you using the most up-to-date strategies? Does your marketing connect with today’s consumers?

 When it comes to attracting millennial movers or expanding your customer base, for instance, traditional techniques may not work as well as they once did.

Let’s look at an example from The Seattle Times that showcases some of today’s unique approaches to moving company ad campaigns. We hope this will make it easier to grow your business!

We’re going to look at how advertising your business (in this case a moving company) can be difficult in the 21st century with all of the expectations that your potential customers have.

Knowing how to find clients using traditional methods and modern means can be tricky but we’re here to provide you with an in-depth analysis of effective ways.

 In advertising your moving company, so that you attract more clients without breaking the bank!

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Gain an Edge with Moving Company Advertising

Larger relocating companies often spend as much or more than half of their net proceeds on advertising.

They realize that one of the most effective ways for their business to grow is by marketing its services and goods, so they make sure that they invest wisely in this area.

So you’ll do both yourself and your company a massive favor by upgrading your marketing strategy. Remember that in business, you can never have too many new customers coming your way!

 Many moving companies spend anywhere from 25% to 50% or more of their profit on marketing.

They know that a strong and properly implemented marketing strategy is important for the growth of their business.

It will do you a favor by spending some time checking out your own company’s current marketing approach and help you build a better foundation so that you can improve it as necessary depending on how much money is allotted for something like this.

 With any kind of moving companies such as commercial movers, you need to always be finding new customers because otherwise your business won’t be able to grow.

Your marketing and sales efforts need to be handled carefully. Otherwise, you might start to feel that nothing is getting done.

 Make sure your strategies are dialed-in so that you don’t lose the motivation needed for a solid return on investment for your business and so that you can generate interest in the industry about your services.

Remember, it’s important to be constantly promoting yourself, since one of the key components of successful moving businesses is having a good relationship with clientele who may refer people to them or work hand-in-hand with them!

Be a Niche Brand

When you have a compelling, unique brand it makes your business stand out from the rest. When working to develop greater awareness about your moving company there are certain things you must consider.

 First and foremost, you should understand that claiming to be the “best at everything” undermines the ways in which you can focus on helping people.

 Realize that one of your strengths does not make you perfect at every aspect of what you do – this is true for any type of business and for all areas of life.

Focus on highlighting how your moving company differs from others so as to help potential clients become aware of how dependable and reliable of a mover they want.

 You can also ensure clarity as to who will be responsible for facilitating each and every step involved with their move or move request if they would like to choose someone whose job it is works directly with them to oversee an important process such as these!


It was once said that you are the average of the five people you spend time with. This means you can be a better person if surround yourself with someone who is highly successful and passionate.

 It would also help if you have an accountability partner who has similar goals and visions as yours, so they make sure you are doing everything it takes to achieve your dreams.

 These ambitious friends will motivate you to better yourself just because they’re there to witness your success firsthand!

 Congratulations! You may have just found your right group of people and something tells us that a year from now, these friends will still be by your side through thick and thin.

 Marketers use a variety of methods to promote their brands and advertise on the web. For example, it’s not unreasonable to say that search engine optimization is a critical part of any marketing plan.

 If you want more customers to find and engage with your brand, then you must consider SEO when looking to expand your reach online.

 On the other hand, Pay per Click advertising is also a viable option (but it should be considered separately from SEO) if you need to quickly boost traffic or test some new promotional ideas.

Both are effective forms of online promotion, so don’t underestimate either of them! You cannot talk about online marketing without considering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC.

Using Social Media for Moving Company Advertising

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can be a boon for businesses who are looking to rid themselves of the restraints imposed by search engine advertising.

 As you already know, advertisers can place ads on search engines, but it’s often done through very specific searches.

 For example, if that shoe company advertises with search engines, you’re likely to see their ads when you go hunting for shoes.

 The target market is much broader on social media platforms–after all, there are many who aren’t looking for socks or high heels.

 You can also take advantage of ad retargeting tools available with these sites which allow you to display ads to those who have visited your website before without having to return again and again.

However, we recommend that before using social media as your main source of advertisements, make sure you have a solid following base first because they won’t be worth much if no one sees them!


Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have a lot of interactive features that will allow you to spot your target audience regardless if it’s via video or text.

You can even give rewards and incentivize your customers to follow you on these platforms. Don’t forget to share exclusive content on these channels so that only those who have “liked”.

Your page will be able to see the update with all of the social sharing benefits! Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are your best friends when it comes time to advertise and market.