Guru Review – How to Find Freelancers on Guru

Guru offers numerous payment options for freelancers, such as hourly payments, milestone payments and retainers. Furthermore, Safe Pay features hold funds in escrow until work has been completed successfully.

Marketing services assists freelancers with finding jobs and being compensated appropriately for their skills, but unfortunately there can also be unscrupulous players in the freelance scene who take advantage of them.


Freelancers at Guru have several ways of earning, including hourly payments, milestone-based contracts and recurring retainers. They can choose between free or paid memberships; paid members have more job opportunities and bids per month; additional bids may also be purchased separately.

Clients can find freelancers by searching or posting an ad, then request quotes and negotiate prices/details of work required from freelancers. Furthermore, clients can use Workrooms to organize multiple freelancer projects at the same time.

Guru freelancers are protected against fraudulent clients thanks to its Safe Pay system, which requires employers to deposit funds in escrow before hiring freelancers. This safeguard prevents freelancers from getting paid for work that was incomplete or was unsatisfactory, though recognizing red flags with new employers may prove challenging.


Guru offers employers a free account that will allow them to find freelancers. Favorite freelancers can be added directly into a list for future hiring purposes or you may choose to pay a higher premium and gain more options.

Your profiles for each freelancer you are considering can be easily browsed, while selecting specific parameters will narrow your search, saving both time and money in the process. Furthermore, SafePay acts as an escrow-type account where potential freelancers can communicate directly.

Guru stands out among freelance platforms by being free for both employers and freelancers to join; however, transaction fees apply when paying a freelancer. Furthermore, it offers arbitration services should there be any disagreements; additional tools include project dashboards, collaborative workspaces and generative AI that surfaces useful information to manage workflows effectively.


Guru stands apart from other freelance websites like Fiverr by being more affordable and offering multiple payment methods, as well as providing employers with a safe way to pay freelancers through its SafePay system; employers deposit funds into an escrow account until they are satisfied with the work completed by freelancers.

Assuring freelancers will receive their payments is key for freelancers, but this system has some drawbacks, such as minimum threshold for withdrawals and extra charges from banks. Furthermore, you may need to wait up to two business days for your account to become verified.

All earnings will appear in your Cash Account on Guru, which serves as the sum total of all transactions completed on the platform. From here you can withdraw via various transfer methods or use it to purchase membership or Bids through Guru. Your Cash Account also keeps an accurate record of when funds were sent and received – helping ensure you’re always ready when earning!

Customer service

Guru can be an invaluable platform for finding freelance work, but you must know how to use it correctly. Newcomers often rush in without optimizing their profiles first and end up without work; others don’t treat contractors well and lose money as a result. To avoid such complications, read up on its rules and FAQs beforehand.

The platform boasts an expansive pool of freelancers from around the world with various skills and expertise, making hiring them simple. However, they have come under scrutiny by the Better Business Bureau due to failing to prevent scammers from exploiting its rating system and abusing it for fraudulent activity.

At its core, Outsourcing CSR can be expensive for small businesses; service fees and withdrawal charges quickly add up over time, making outsourcing expensive for customer support. But Outsourcing can still provide companies with cost savings while improving the customer experience.