Guaranteed Use, 9 Useful Websites That Not Many People Know

The development of an increasingly advanced era opens awareness that humans are in a digital era that makes technology a major need. It is evident from the birth of various social media platforms to sites that are very useful for life.

Here are nine useful websites that unfortunately not many people know about. But good news, you know them, now! Which one will you try?


In order to simplify the job search process, one needs a resume that should be present in an attractive design. For this reason, NOVORÉSUMÉ is here to help the process of making your curriculum vitae to the resume you expect.

2. Internet Archive

Acting as a free download and legal literature provider site, you will find a variety of literature topics from academia to entertainment. Not only the latest published literature can be borrowed for fourteen days, but also the 18th century publications.

3. Discuvver

In general, jobs that dominate the career industry demand creative ideas to help companies produce the right products. If you’re often stuck in ideas, find easy-to-find references on Discuvver.

4. Metafact.io

Lots of news, but which news is true? You can confirm these questions on the Metafact site which is present as a site to answer questions related to myths or hoaxes that are circulating. Interestingly, most of the answers came from many experts in related fields, you know!

5. Consulate

Basically, the majority of countries scattered around the world have applicable laws. If you’re curious enough about the legal differences that apply, the Constitution website will shed some light on that. Want to know which country’s law?

6. Musicmap

You could say, the majority of humans have their own interests in their own world and cannot be separated from that world. However, if you are interested enough to explore it, then Musicmap can be used as an answer to understand the history, development to the relationship between music genres that exist in the world.

7. Nomad List

Do you enjoy traveling, especially abroad? That means the Nomad List site is perfect for you to get information related to these activities and present a very active community to support everything.

8. Product Hunt

In this advanced digital age, you can meet various kinds of application products to unique and cool works around the world. The good thing is that each product is displayed in order of daily time as well as the most upvotes.

9. Infomenarik.net

Lastly, this website Info Menarik is perfect for those of you who want to learn Korean. However, the Korean language published on this website is about how to work in South Korea through official government procedures.

So, which site will you try to use?