Get the Best Windows Reseller Hosting Plan for Your Business


With the increase in the demand for web hosting services, the reseller hosting business is getting more and more popular as well as profitable. Since web hosting companies can not accommodate a large number of users altogether, the resellers find a way to make easy money while increasing their customer base. In this guide, you will get insights into how Windows Reseller Hosting can be your ideal option for running an effective web hosting business as a reseller. However, before anything else, let us give a brief about the functioning of the Windows Reseller Hosting Plan for the people who have less clarity. 

Understand- What Is a Windows Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting with Windows operating system running at the web server’s base is called Windows Reseller Hosting. It enables you to purchase the web hosting resources and services from the parent web host. And, then you are allowed to resell them to your end-users at relatively higher prices in order to earn a profit margin. Under the reseller hosting business, you operate as a reseller. At the same time, you can pretend as the main web host for your customers by using white-labeled web hosting services. In such services, the identity of the parent web host remains hidden. 

Moreover, you only need a reliable Internet connection and basic knowledge about the web hosting industry to begin your Windows Hosting Reseller business. Everything related to server maintenance and data center services is taken care of by your web hosting company. If you are interested in starting a web hosting business but do not have the expertise or the finances, you can choose a Windows Reseller Hosting plan as an option. As you get the services at a low-cost price from a parent web host. On the other side, web developers and designers can also involve web hosting services in their existing business through reseller hosting for engaging more potential customers. 

Start Your Windows Reseller Web Hosting Business

Windows Reseller Web Hosting

Follow the steps below to begin your Windows Hosting Reseller business efficiently – 

  1. Plan your business goals. 
  2. Evaluate your target audience.
  3. Study your competitors and figure out what can be unique in your business to stand out. 
  4. Get Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting plans with the features you need from a reliable web hosting company.
  5. Customize the web hosting plans for your potential customers. 
  6. Build a robust marketing strategy as well as strong customer support. 
  7. Launch your online business on multiple platforms. 

Who Provides the Best Windows Reseller Hosting Services?

If you wish to succeed in your reseller hosting business with Windows, you can crash at Hostbillo. Hostbillo is a well-renowned web hosting company across the world. It has gained recognition for rendering the Best Web Hosting Services at the most affordable pricing without compromising on high-grade hosting features. You can discover the aptest plan for your online business from the diverse range of available plans at Hostbillo. The company ensures the support of powerful servers running with resilient technologies and the highest network connectivity. So, Dive into the segment below and learn about the excellent advantages you receive with Hostbillo’s Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting plans. 

Benefits of Having Hostbillo’s Windows Reseller Hosting Plan

Best Windows Reseller Hosting

7 Days Credit-Back Guarantee

You get the 7 days credit back guarantee with Hostbillo’s Windows Reseller Hosting Plan. This lets you maintain the security of your money. 

24/7 Technical Assistance

You get 24/7 technical support from the company’s team of specialists and experts. Therefore, the team provides prompt and best solutions to all your issues. 

Free One-Click Installer

You receive a one-click installer with Windows Reseller Hosting Plan. So, It permits you to install unlimited applications easily and swiftly. 

Weekly Data Back-up

The company offers weekly data backup services along with robust security features to let you ensure the complete safety of your data. 

Advanced Web Panel

With the Windows Reseller, you obtain the Plesk control panel. This panel makes the management of the accounts simple and quick for you.

Free SSL Certificate

Your business website gets the SSL certificate from the company with your Windows Reseller Hosting Plan at absolutely zero cost price.

Easily Scalable

With every Reseller Windows Hosting plan, you get the possibility to scale your assigned resources anytime with utmost ease whenever needed. 

Email Accounts

According to the needs of your Reseller Hosting Windows business, you get the opportunity to acquire access to unlimited professional email accounts.

Get Free Domain Transfer

While buying Hostbillo’s Cheapest Windows Reseller Hosting Plan, you are not required to invest additional money for transferring your domain. The company’s experts transfer your domain free of cost. 

Domains and Subdomains

Hostbillo also lets you have an access to unlimited domains and subdomains with the expansion of your online business. 

In-built PHP/MySql

Your reseller hosting plan comes with the in-built PHP and MySql.


Most people opt for the Linux reseller business as there are numerous web hosts providing reseller hosting plans with Linux. However, it depends on the audience you choose to target that determines which type of reseller plan will benefit you. Moreover, with the Best Windows Reseller Hosting business, you get less competition in the market and can generate higher profit. Further, if you have any queries to know more insightful details related to Windows Reseller Hosting Plan, connect with Hostbillo’s professionals. They are available via customer support service round the clock over multiple communication modes.