Foot Drop Orthotics!

Foot drop orthotics are designed to correct foot angle. They are also called Ankle-foot orthoses. They can help with various conditions, including tripping and ankle pain. Some people may need surgery to fuse the ankle and foot joints, or repair a nerve. However, some people are able to correct the problem by making some simple changes.

Ankle-foot orthoses:

Ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) are biomechanical devices that stabilize the ankle and foot. Their function is to provide foot clearance and support, decrease pain, and improve gait. Ankle foot drop orthotics can also reduce the risk of falls and strengthen weak lower leg muscles.


A new study compares UD-Flex foot drop orthotic devices with bare foot controls. Both devices resulted in improved static balance, but no significant difference was observed between them in terms of dynamic balance and gait. Further studies are needed to evaluate the clinical benefits of both devices.


The SaeboStep foot drop orthotic is a lightweight brace that is designed to support the foot during walking. It provides optimum foot clearance while walking and is compatible with most types of shoes. Its revolutionary dial technology allows the patient to easily and conveniently adjust the lift angle and tension of the orthotic.

Richie Brace:

The Richie Brace is a custom ankle foot orthosis made from the impression of the patient’s foot and lower leg. This orthotic is low-profile and lightweight, and many patients prefer it to traditional ankle foot orthoses. It can treat a variety of conditions, including foot drop, rearfoot arthritis, and degenerative joint disease. Turbomed Xtern is the best product for this purpose.

RCAI MPO Active(r) with Ambulatory Attachment:

The RCAI MPO Active(r) is a patented low-profile ambulatory orthosis with a rotator bar and spreader bar that allows patients to float their heel. This floatation improves circulation and reduces pressure on the heel. It also helps correct deformity and foot drop. It also features an adjustable rotator bar to prevent foot slip.

RCAI MPO Active(r) with Transfer Attachment:

Designed to correct foot drop and deformity, the RCAI MPO Active(r) With Transfer Attachment foot drop orthotics provide a flexible foot support. This device allows the heel to float, reducing friction and enhancing blood circulation. This device also maintains skin integrity by drawing moisture away from the foot. The MPO 2000 is available in a single, bilateral, and multi-segment design.