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Common Misconceptions About Discord Not Opening In Windows 10: Fixed

Online chat programmes like TeamSpeak and Skype have competition from Discord, a free alternative. It provides users with a tonne of features, many of which are absent from competing for free software. The social media platform has made discord more straightforward for individuals to speak with one another and track down individuals with similar interests.

The following are some of Discord’s important characteristics:

  • Private text messaging
  • Private and public servers
  • video and audio call
  • Screen sharing and live streaming
  • Exchanging files and including media
  • Inexpensive premium services to supplement free features
  • Built-in DDoS defence

Each and every person can use the software Discord. It doesn’t matter if you want to hang out with your buddies or set up a remote work server for you and your company. It’s simple to understand how a major problem can result when Discord won’t begin or doesn’t open at all. Or why is my discord not opening?

Discord has changed its name to 2021, making it obvious that everyone can use the software. It makes no difference if you want to explore communities and meet new people or if you want to put up a remote work server. When Discord does not launch or gets stuck updating, it’s easy to see how a major problem might occur.

Discord’s built-in security gives it an edge over competing for free communication tools.

You may feel secure knowing that your privacy is in good hands thanks to features like built-in DDoS protection, security bots, two-factor authentication, safe direct messaging, and a very active staff team.

Although the programme itself is secure, you should be aware that, like all internet services, public Discord servers may contain harmful or deceptive information. Fortunately, the majority of servers have active moderation teams to address this problem and quickly remove unwanted information.

In this guide, we will discuss one such platform called “Discord”. Likewise, we will examine a typical blunder that is connected with the platform and is called the “Discord won’t open” issue and how to fix this issue quickly.

Why Discord Not Opening in Windows 10

1. Another software is blocking Discord. 

The most frequent occurrence is when another application prevents Discord from launching properly. The best illustration of this is antivirus software.

2. There is less strife. 

It’s possible that the Discord status is now down, however, this is uncommon. This could indicate a brief Discord outage. Use the Discord down detector or run a search for “Is Discord down?” to check user-submitted status updates in real-time.

3. Your device is now playing a game. 

Discord has a number of features that integrate with the games you are playing on your device. Due to potential conflict with other players, the in-game overlay may prevent you from entering Discord when a game is already in progress.

How To Fix Discord Not Opening Error

How to fix discord not opening, some fixes are given below:

1. Windows 10 cache files are kept in the AppData folder;

You should absolutely empty this folder to make room for Discord’s files if your system is running out of capacity to hold the necessary cache for Discord.

  • To launch the Run programme, use the Windows + R keyboard shortcut.
  • Click the OK button after entering “per cent appdata%”. Upon doing this, File Explorer will automatically redirect you to the AppData folder.
  • Locate the Discord folder, then use the right-click menu to select “Delete.”
  • Try restarting your computer to check if Discord launches.

2. Open Discord from where it was installed.

Some users claim that they were able to open Discord by launching it directly from the installation location. Here’s how you, too, can accomplish it.

  • You need to open File Explorer.
  • Go to the upcoming folder: per cent user per cent C: ProgramData Discord
  • Make sure to substitute your local account username for the user.

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