Five Best Cute Shoes Styles for Women

As the seasons change, so do the styles that go in and out of fashion.  Now that we’re approaching spring and summer, it’s only natural that the fashion world starts to look ahead to what we’ll be wearing then. Thankfully, for all of us fashionistas out there, we’ve already got a good idea of what to look forward to.

So, when you’re going shoe shopping this season, these are just some of the styles that you’ll want to consider.  What’s nice is that they don’t seem to be fads, but rather, modernizations of styles that are already total classics.  Basically, you’ll be able to wear them for years to come but still be on trend no matter when you’re wearing them.

Before we get started, though, take a look at some of the fashion magazines out there like this one: They might help give you some inspiration for your outfit planning and the works, since there are so many options and different styles in bloom this spring!

One: Sandals

When it comes to classics that get new life each year, sandals are ones that a lot of us think of almost instantly.  When it starts getting warm outside, it’s hard to resist the urge to get a fresh pair and go walk in the grass to feel it on our toes and enjoy the feeling of spring.  What makes them different this year, though?

For the most part, we’re seeing a lot of very chunky sandals.  So, ones with tall soles and even ones with heels are in style.  Additionally, the classic pastel colors that make the rounds each spring look rather promising.  Hard to go wrong with a nice soft pink, purple, or yellow as we get into the season.

Two: Knee High Boots

Focusing a bit more on spring here than summer, we’ve also got knee-high boots.  Really, we see these make the rounds every year too, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.  That being said, though, they’re popular for a reason.  They’re functional and cute at the same time.

You can find a ton of examples of them if you check out shop the mint, for anyone wanting to see some of the color palettes available this spring.  For the most part, it’s a lot of neutral tones such as browns and beiges, which can pair well with statement pieces in our clothing.  Of course, they also look nice with other neutral shades – it’s all up to the person wearing it!

Three: Sneakers

Again, this list is probably nothing necessarily groundbreaking for most readers.  Sneakers, tennis shoes, whatever you want to call them – they’re pretty much always going to be in fashion.  They’re functional and stylish in the right contexts, so it’s no surprise that lots of folks are adding new pairs into their wardrobe for the coming year.

White is still a go-to color, but if you’re planning on doing any trekking in the mud or the woods, you might want to go for something else.  Pastels are still probably the biggest trend for them in general, though.  Don’t feel out-of-place or guilty if you go for a darker color, though!  They’re just as cute, and for those of us leading an active lifestyle, they might be a bit more practical.

Also, there’s not really a rule saying you can only have one of each type of shoe in your closet.  You can get a cute pair of pink and white sneakers for hanging out with friends or going to the gym indoors, and then a pair of dark-colored ones for when you go outside.  Best of both worlds, right?

Four: Ankle Boots / Booties

As you can see on pages like this one, ankle boots and booties are once again taking over the fashion world.  It happens every couple of years, really – it’s like people remember how cute they are, as well as how comfy they can be.  Since you can get ones with small heels or flats, they’re pretty versatile, too.

For those transitional seasons like spring and autumn, they’re a pretty popular choice because they keep our feet warm without getting our legs too hot.  Paired with a nice set of boot-cut jeans or a skirt, either way they’ll look great with anything.  So, it’s probably not exactly a shock that we’re seeing them again.

For this year, we’re seeing a couple different colors, and even patterns.  The styles vary too, depending on where you shop and whether you want the heels or not.  So, now more than ever, we’ve got a ton of choices right at our fingertips here.

Classic Heels

The last trending style of shoes that we’ll cover today are another staple for most ladies’ closets – the classic high heel.  Whether it’s a strappy heel, a Mary Jane, or anything else, it’s really hard to go wrong with them.  Now that we’re finally starting to emerge from the snow, too, they’re a lot more appealing to wear.

After all, not many folks want to trek through the slush and sludge in them, so waiting until it gets warmer is usually a good idea.  Still, though, there’s a certain thrill to getting to wear our favorite pair on a warm, sunny day.  The clack-clack-clack on the pavement or the tiles at work are just an added bonus.

Of course, there are styles that we didn’t mention here today that are also great for the coming spring and summer.  The focus today was just on the trendiest ones that are cropping up in all the magazines and all-over social media.  Realistically, you should go with whatever you find most comfortable and fashionable.

That way, you’ll be able to get the best bang for your buck in terms of adding a new pair of shoes (or a few pairs) to your closet.  It’s nice to have options, after all, and it sucks to get a nice pair of them only to never wear them!