DIY Hacks to Replace Boring Plants with an Artistic Plant Stand For Your Home

Online stores and websites have these beautiful plant stands, but many of us do not prefer plants inside our homes, and even artificial flowers do not go with our home decor. It does not mean you should avoid buying beautiful plant stands for indoors that you like. Instead of placing a plant in a pot stand, use your plant stand for different creative purposes. It will fulfill your wish to have an aesthetic plant pot stand and give an artistic vibe to your classy home. To know how? Keep reading to learn some interesting DIY hacks for using a plant stand. Add to your list all your favorite flower pot stands. You should also check out WoodenStreet furniture, as their variety of plant stands is very appealing.


plant stand indoor

Most of the plant stands have a ceramic or metal base. However, some wooden plant stands will be perfect to be placed near your sofa or bed and hold your lamps. It will be a unique lamp stand that will become a center of creativity for your home. Choose a Daniela brass finish iron planter with a pot stand available on WoodenStreet, drill an iron plate with a hole on top of it, and your lamp plant stand is ready. Also, for getting a night lap with height, you can choose three step planter stand on WoodenStreet available at a discounted price.

Side Table

flower pot stand

Aren’t you bored with regular furniture pieces? Here is your chance to make a unique side table from a plant stand. You can place it near your bed, sofa set, or any corner of your home. Make an aesthetic side table from the flower pot stand of your choice. Pick an iron and wood plant stand or a plastic eco-decorative pot stand available on WoodenStreet. Replace the wooden top of the plant stand with a larger piece of wood, and your creative side table is ready. In this DIY trick, you can choose not to remove the original lid of the plant tables; it will still look creative.

Serving Stand

planter stand

Utilize your wooden flower stand as a serving stand, such as placing your wine and champagne bottle in it and serving innovatively to your guest. Also, by placing a lid on top of the indoor plant stand, you can put your snacks and wine glasses on it to make an elegant date table. Choose a flower pot with a black plant stand or explore the wooden pot stand online on WoodenStreet.

Decorative Items Stand

pot stand

You use Decorative pieces to give a creative vibe to your place. However, you can make it more innovative and elegant by placing those decorative pieces on top of a wooden plant stand. Choose a plant rack for the wall, fill it with rocks, and put a beautiful piece between them, such as a standing mirror. It will be the centerpiece of the room. Find these wall-hanging plant stand on WoodenStreet.

Magazine or Cake Holder

plant stand for balcony

Last but the most innovative DIY hack is to use your plant stand as a magazine holder. It will need the least of preparations; all you need to do is buy a pot stand and place it near your sofa set. Now there is room for all your magazines and newspapers. Also, if you buy a plant holder of three steps or a tall planter standit will be the best place to use it as a cake holder for all your celebrations. So grab the perfect pot stand for your home now.

All these DIY hacks are easy to do at home, and by choosing any of these tips, you can enhance the style and ambiance of your home. So, why wait to get your favorite flower pot stand now. For the best designs at a discounted price, you can check out WoodenStreet.com. They have a variety of plant stands online at a discount of 40% and above. Also, you can visit their 50-plus stores available in India.