Cost of living in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, is it genuine that the breeze frequently blows over the fields? Without a doubt. Something else that is valid: Oklahoma is one of the most reasonable states in the country.

The state flaunts ravishing scenes in the midst of the rambling straight of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in the midst of the huge grasslands of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. There are a lot of state parks and natural life shelters to investigate.

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What is the typical cost for many everyday items in Oklahoma?

Normal Cost of Living in Oklahoma: $34,533 each year

As per MERIC’s 2021 Cost of Living Index for the second from last quarter of 2021, Oklahoma has the third-most reduced cost for most everyday items in the United States, behind just Kansas and Mississippi.

The most recent individual utilization use information from the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows that the typical cost for most everyday items in Oklahoma is $34,533 each year, the least typical all-out consumption for the whole Southwest district, including Texas, and New Mexico, and Arizona.

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Lodging Cost in Oklahoma

Normal lodging cost in Oklahoma: $607 to $1,234 each month

Toward the finish of 2021, Zillow gave an ordinary home estimation of roughly $160,000 in Oklahoma. The National Association of Realtors® reports that this is not exactly around 50% of the public typical selling cost of $352,800.

Homes in Oklahoma are less expensive than in the remainder of the nation, yet they likewise linger behind concerning esteem appreciation. Like a large part of the nation, Oklahoma’s middle home estimations expanded essentially in 2021. State costs expanded by 14.2%, however, fell beneath the public normal development pace of 19.2%.

Utility Cost in Oklahoma

Normal utility expense in Oklahoma: $382 each month

The following is a depiction of the commonplace month-to-month utility costs that Oklahoma occupants can hope to pay.

Genuine outcomes will rely upon the kind of property you own and where it is found.

Utility Average Oklahoma Bill

Power $109

gas $131

Link and Internet $107

water $35


Normal staple and food cost in Oklahoma: $220 per individual, each month

As per the most recent individual utilization use information from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Oklahoma really has the least food and drink expenses of any state in the country. Oklahomans pay a normal of $220 each month, or $2,645 each year, on non-café food and refreshments.

Where you reside influences the typical food cost. For instance, you can purchase a stake in the general store at Muskogee for $11.13, however, a similar steak at Enid will cost $14.36.


Normal transportation cost in Oklahoma: $5,113 to $13,896 each year

Oklahoma used to be an avenue for the renowned Route 66 when it was still in help; Today it stays a famous objective for street fighters from varying backgrounds.

Assuming that you’re contemplating moving to Oklahoma, you’ll need to watch out for transportation costs, particularly since its collision protection rates run high.

Transportation costs will differ contingent upon your drive and the size of your loved ones. Here are MIT’s typical costs for many everyday items wage number crunchers for various family sizes.

Family Makeup Average Annual Transportation Cost

One grown-up, no kids $5,113

Two working grown-ups, no kids $9,378

Two working grown-ups, two kids $13,896

Medical care

Normal medical care cost in Oklahoma: $6,121 per individual, each year

As per the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Oklahomans spend a normal of $6,121 each year on medical care. Contrasted with Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, Oklahoma’s medical care costs fall in the pack.

Youngster care

Normal kid care cost in Oklahoma: $884 to $1,318 per kid, each month

Kid care costs take up a sound piece of any family’s month-to-month spending plan, and expenses can change contingent upon the kid’s age and setting.


Most elevated peripheral expense rate in Oklahoma: 5%

Oklahoma has a dynamic personal duty, which changes your rate in view of your level of pay.

The Tax Foundation takes note that the most elevated minimal duty rate in Oklahoma is 5% for both single filers acquiring more than $7,200 and joint filers procuring $12,200 every year.

While considering a property, deals, and use charges, Oklahoma has a below-the-norm taxation rate with a viable state-nearby expense pace of 8.2%. It is positioned 46th in’s positioning of neighborhood taxation rates by express; The “taxation rate” gauges the complete effect of all charges collected by state and nearby legislatures, as characterized by the U.S. government. Recorded by the Census Bureau.

Oklahoma had a lower tax rate than neighboring New Mexico and Arizona, however, its southern neighbor, Texas, came to a position ahead with a marginally lower successful duty pace of 8%.

Incidental expenses

Now that we’ve handled the regular costs of living in Oklahoma, we should investigate the expenses of probably the greatest attractions in the state.

• Grown-up admission to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City: $12.50

• Sets of Western Cowboy Boots: $99.99 to $1,149.99

• Rodeo Tickets: $20 to $35

• Ten Gallon Cap: $69.99 to $1,000

• Breaded and fried Steak: $12 to $23

On the off chance that you’ve forever loved LoneRanger, Will Rogers, or Ben Johnson, you can purchase your own special arrangement of cattle rustler boots and Stetson cap and experience your rancher dreams at the rodeo in Guthrie.