Benefits and Challenges of Online Teaching

There is no one today who is not acquainted with online education. Online learning and online education have improved the capabilities of the students and has made education reachable for every student of the world. But nothing comes in this world without a price hence if online education and learning is beneficial then it also has some challenges and therefore students need to understand both the aspects too. So, let’s understand both the aspects of online learning respectively. Online teaching gave a new prospect with the help of which many more aspects of student’s knowledge got enhanced. Online teaching methods gave a new escape route to students to get away from old and boring methods of education in the classroom. It was the same computer but instead of playing video games students were enhancing their knowledge as well as completing their education. Students who were only comfortable with traditional methods of learning got acquainted with new and innovative methods of learning and studying. It was like a dream came true to them when they heard about some innovative tools of online learning like LMS and ERP.

It was forbidden for everyone to touch or to come in direct contact during the pandemic so online teaching methods facilitated students in a way that they could study at home staying far away from the risk of getting infected. LMS and ERP managed a lot during and after the pandemic and managed the schools well because students were also terrified of how exams were going to be conducted but that too got conducted online. Students each and every problem got solved with the help of online teaching methods. Most importantly a student doesn’t have to worry about the location of school whether it is close to home or far away because with the help of online teaching methods education reaches the students. Here distance is not a topic to worry about, in fact a student living in India can learn from a tutor sitting in Canada. Here at a digital platform, a teacher is able to put his focus on each and every student on the screen with the help of various options in online teaching portals. On the other hand, students who usually could not get proper attention in a crowded class of 30-40 students get to ask questions directly to the teacher without hesitation.

Online teaching has become the best medium nowadays, which helps students a lot in reading. In today’s time, all the study material is available online. In online classes, it is not necessary that both the teacher and the student should be available at all times. The student can do his studies by choosing the course and syllabus according to his need, but in live classes, the teacher is in front of him, absolutely live. Most of the teachers who were teaching in the traditional way, now even though they had the knowledge, they had to think in an innovative way because now they were facing a lot of challenges in starting. This happened because there was a large group of teachers who were not very familiar with Android phones or the internet and now, they had to do everything online.

So first of all, in a very short time, teachers had to learn how to teach online, those who ran away from Android phones also had to learn full knowledge of it. He also had to learn the way of teaching live classes, in which he had to keep a good way of presenting in front of the camera, he had to take care that there was no noise around, he had to take care that no member of the house should come in between the live classes and these important things The teachers also had to teach the parents of the children so that there would be no disturbance during the studies of the children. Teachers had to be attentive enough to do online teaching because they wanted to ease students with online teaching and wanted to make them understand that it is a boon as it really is.

Many teachers did not have a laptop or desktop, yet they did not give up, they resorted to Android phones, although it was quite inconvenient compared to any laptop or desktop, yet the teachers did not give up. In the midst of these challenges, some online teaching apps helped a lot.