Basic Houseplant Guide: How to Care For Your Houseplants

Houseplants can change the vibe of a room. Just one potted plant can freshen up the whole room and give it a nice look. Houseplants were considered a hobby, but now most houses have at least a few houseplants as they are now trending and being used as a part of decoration. Noone likes artificial flowers or plants with a layer of dust now. Various types and houseplants are modern and everyone is using them to bring color and freshness in their rooms.

Decor piece or hobby, caring and maintaining houseplants are not really easy. Without proper care some plants might survive, but most plants need regular maintenance and caring. Here’s some basic tips that will help you save your houseplants and keep them green and healthy:

Soil: Every plant is different and needs various media to grow and keep living. Repotting store bought plants in the right media or soil will give your plant a good start.

Drainage: Make sure your pot has a drainage hole. Without proper drainage, water will be trapped inside the pot and cause a root-rot. If you are using decorative pots, make sure they are well drained and not harmful for your plant.

Humidity: Every plant prefers various environments. Exotic plants like monstera grow well in humid places. But in summer, an over humid environment is harmful for most plants as they cause rotting. In winter, keeping a few plants close together will help with humidity. Using a humidifier is also good in dry weather. 

Watering: Every plant has its own water preference. But most houseplants are killed by either under watering or over watering. Be informed about your plant’s water preference and remember, under watering is better than over watering.

Light: Most houseplants need indirect sunlight. Six to eight hours of indirect sunlight is enough to keep plants healthy and green. Keeping plants by window or internal glass doors is the best way to provide indirect sunlight. 

Fertilizer: Add fertilizer in houseplants once in 1.5 to 2 months to encourage new growth. Store bought plant food or home made compost – anything will work.

Pruning: Pruning is the process of encouraging new growth or shaping a plant by cutting them. Pothos, snake plants, and monster cuttings can also be used to propagate and grow new plants.

Choosing the right plant:

Maintaining a house plant is easier if you choose them carefully. Don’t buy high maintenance plants if you are not willing to give it the time and effort it needs. Being informed about the plant beforehand will help you choose the right plant according to your situation. 

If you are a beginner or just too busy to make the time to care for sensitive plants, your right choice would be pothos, snake plant or something that can thrive in difficult situations.

Be cautious

There are a lot of houseplants that can cause harm to animals and humans if touched, chewed or swallowed. They are not life threatening but can give you a hard time. So if you have pets or children, be cautious about houseplants.