A Handy Guide on The Types of Mufflers

The gases that come from the exhaust manifold finally drive into the muffler or silencer that is used to reduce the noise. It is a crucial component to curb noise pollution as a catalytic converter that is used to curb harmful gases and convert them into steam to save the environment. 

The gases that are coming from the exhaust manifold have a very high pressure approximately from 10 to 30 atm. If these high-pressure gases are free to drive out without the muffler or silencer then a very unpleasant sound would be generated due to the sudden expansion from a highly pressurized chamber into a low-pressure environment.

So, mufflers are as important as the catalytic converter or the exhaust manifold pipe. This is a handy guide that may take you 3 minutes or less to absorb almost all the knowledge that is needed to buy mufflers.

Baffle Mufflers:

The first type that is on our list is baffle-type mufflers. The main function of these types of mufflers is to baffle the high-pressure gases coming from the exhaust manifold at any cost. This type of muffler has many restrictions that you can call baffles to regulate the free movement of high-pressure gases.

They are not used to block the gases, instead, they are used to provide a long passage that you can say gives a secondary passage to elongate the route of the highly pressurized gases. A longer distance or passage for the gases would help to neutralize the pressure and temperature of the gases.

The only limitation that is associated with this type of muffler is the baffles or you can say the hindrance and restrictions that it creates. The stopping points would create a back pressure towards the engine resulting in the degradation of the engine.

Resonance mufflers:

As the name is given to this type of muffler it uses resonators in the muffler to cancel the noise of the highly pressurized gases that are coming from the exhaust manifold. The pipe of this muffler has many resonators in it that are used to produce frequencies that would be used to produce resonance and as a result, you would have noise cancellation.

These mufflers are very handy and comprise less space than other types of mufflers. That’s why if your car has less space then you can use resonance mufflers. These mufflers work on the frequencies and curb them as much as possible.

Absorb type:

You can say them absorb type or straight-through mufflers. It is the most common type of muffler. That uses a perforated tube that has holes in it. These have small holes in them. And, most importantly the whole tube is wrapped with a noise absorption material like fiberglass, etc. 

The noise-absorbing material provides a cozy and cushioning effect to the highly pressurized gases coming straight from the exhaust manifold.

This is the main science behind the working of the absorb-type mufflers. Mainly, it uses the perforated tube to reduce the pressure of the gases to the level that is acceptable and legal according to your state law. 

The flow pipes are mostly straight, that’s why we also call them straight-through mufflers. Sometimes people also prefer coiled pipes to gain some more depth to reduce noise.

As you have read the most important types of mufflers and if you have made up your mind then we would recommend you to go or find a professional performance muffler shop in your locality and visit their team to get more understanding about their types.