5 Important Steps to Do After a Car Accident

When you have been in a minor accident or a serious collision, you may be too shaken up to think clearly.  After a car accident, you may be overwhelmed with emotions and unaware of how to deal with the situation. It’s important to educate yourself ahead of time to know which mistakes to avoid.

Here are some steps that you need to take at the scene and afterward to make the claim process easier. 

Check if Someone is Hurt

Even if you sustained minor injuries at the site, it’s important to get treated first. Your safety is your priority and everything else can wait. If you are not injured, then make sure that everyone else is safe at the accident site.

Check if someone else needs medical assistance. Call ambulance services to get the injured person to the hospital as soon as possible. Also, call the police so that you have a report of the accident as proof. 

Get Yourself Out of Danger

If you are injured, ask someone else to drive your car carefully to the side. This will help avoid traffic blocks so that ambulances can reach fast to the site. You can also keep the hazard lights on or reflective emergency triangles to alert other drivers to slow down. 

If the crash is severe then keep the vehicles where they are so that police can analyze the situation better. When you are injured, you need to be extra careful when getting out of the car. If you end up getting out in the wrong position, it could worsen your injuries. 

Hire a Lawyer 

If you are a victim in a car accident, then you need to hire a car accident lawyer to get you the compensation that you deserve. The insurance company at fault may try to settle the case with you with little money. 

But a competent lawyer will help you negotiate with the insurance company to help you get a fair settlement for your injuries and vehicle damage. 

Collect Information for Evidence 

Make sure to take photos of the accident scene so that you have proof when you file a claim. Ensure to get the license plate number, address, phone number and of everyone involved in the accident. Visit the doctor even if you sustain minor injuries as it will help you get a doctor’s note so that your personal injury lawyer can work for you. 

Check if any witnesses are willing to give a statement. You can record their statement and the details they describe of the accident. 

Document the Scene 

Use technology to your advantage and record as much detail about the car accident as possible. You can even use your smartphone’s camera to record the clip. Take close-up photos of both cars so that police and other authorities can decide who was at fault.

Don’t forget to miss the position of the cars because it helps to recreate the accident when you report the claim.