4 Ghost Hunting Gadgets You Need To Know About

Ghost hunting, no doubt, has been happening since the dawn of civilization. But the first time people took a scientific approach to finding ghosts might have been in 1881. Two English Gentlemen sat down that year and had a conversation about the paranormal, and as a result, the Society for Psychical Research was founded in 1882.

Since then, all sorts of ghost hunting gadgets have appeared throughout the decades with the aim of discovering life beyond the grave. In this article, we will highlight 4 ghost hunting gadgets you need to know about if you’re intrigued about the afterlife. Read on to discover other realms.

1. EMF Meters

EMF meters are common gadgets that electrical engineers and wiremen use to scan power lines and wiring for faults. They register electromagnetic fields and are sophisticated enough to distinguish between moving and static fields. 

You may also know that many paranormal enthusiasts over the decades believe that ghosts have electromagnetic energy. So it makes sense that ghost hunters use EMF meters in the hopes of finding spirit energy. It’s one of the most common hunting gadgets on TV shows where they go into supposedly haunted places and attempt to get spooky readings with their EMF meters.

2. Spirit Boxes

Frank Sumption was the inventor of the spirit box, which he revealed to the world in 2002. It also explains why sometimes people call these devices Frank’s boxes (named after the inventor).

Spirit boxes aim to register something called the electronic voice phenomenon. A spirit box works by quickly flickering between AM radio frequencies.

Among the hisses and white noise-like sounds, some people have said you can hear voices. Many also believe these are voices of the dead trying to communicate into our world. 

3. Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods are simple gadgets that have been around for thousands of years. We know this because people have seen artwork from ancient China and Egypt with figures using them in the paintings. 

These ancient devices often come in pairs, and they are L-shaped. The idea is that supernatural force moves the dowsing rods in the direction of something you’re searching for. 

In the past, people used these rods to find dead bodies, jewels, and water, to name a few things. People also still use these instruments in the hope of finding spirits.

4. Ovilus

In terms of modern gadgets for ghost hunting, there are some less convincing offerings on the market these days, which may be just for a bit of fun. But then there’s Ovilus. 

Ovilus is a word bank ghost-hunting gadget made by Bill Chappell. It’s a serious piece of kit that may help you speak to the spirit world! For any serious ghost hunter, Ovilus should be on their wish list. 

Ghost Hunting Gadgets Explained

So now you know a little more about the world of ghost hunting and some of the associated ghost hunting gadgets. There are EMF meters, spirit boxes, dowsing rods, and then there’s Ovilus.

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