3 Unique Sage Suggestions | Give Dirndl dress a Modern Twist

Bavarian Dirndl dress and Lederhosen have been traditional clothes in Bavaria for centuries. And in accordance with the importance placed on tradition, traditional and modern Dirndl dresses and leather pants remain an integral part of today’s Oktoberfest celebration, as well as numerous other occasions throughout Bavaria. Consequently, some modifications in Dirndl design have been occurring.

By now, you probably know that the dirndl is a traditional piece of clothing. But unlike other fashions such as heeled sandals or knee-high stockings, the dirndl remains popular among the younger generation who find numerous ways to equip themselves with it. Dirndls are worn not only at folk festivals, but also as fashion pieces at events and during celebrations. This is why we want to introduce you to some of the most chic ideas when it comes to contemporary styling. 

So sit comfortably it’s time for some dirndl makeover tips!

Transforming Traditional Dirndl Dress into Modern One!

The midi dirndl is gradually replacing the mini dirndl , and long dirndls are gaining popularity over traditional costumes with short skirts. Traditional colors and cuts dominate traditional costume fashion, which is experiencing a retro wave as designers go back to their roots.

While traditional dirndls are defined by common touches like lace, embroidery and high-necklines, modern dirndls are more open to interpretation. By mixing and matching elements of different styles, you can create an individual dirndl that is both stylish and traditional. As an example of such a fusion, we present three accessories:

  • Head piece 
  • Jewlry 
  • Shoes 

Pair a Headpiece with your German Dirndl Dress

Using headbands and hair bands with upbeat sequins and large feathers, you can create a spectacular look with an eye-catching combination of peacock feathers, rhinestones, and colors.

If you want to do without the traditional elements of a dirndl, you can wear a baseball cap with your dress. Although some women’s caps are made of lace and have a floral pattern, they don’t lose their sporty charm, which makes this combination extremely stylish.

In addition, you can also accentuate your dirndl dress with a fashionable hairstyle. The braided pigtails that you wear to the Oktoberfest are not necessarily modern or even worthy. You can also transform your dirndl into a modern day look with a contemporary bob, short pixie or long hair with a cheeky ponytail.

Fashionable Bavarian Jewelry 

Dirndl jewelry is a contemporary interpretation of traditional costume jewelry. Traditional charivaris and necklace pendants with edelweiss motifs and hearts can be combined with contemporary shapes, material mixes and motifs to create new jewellery pieces.

If you like the boho-chic style, a bark necklace with a motorcycle pendant or an anchor could be a fun accessory for your look. The modern boho trend is characterized by a free use of materials and motifs. Particularly large motifs, ethnic patterns, colorful combinations and a generous use of precious stones are hallmarks of this trend.

You can wear bangles, earrings and rings with your dirndl dress that are made in Bavarian style. 

Bohemian-style accessories are typical of the hippie movement. They can be paired with simple colors, like black, or with more masculine components such as leather pants.

Dirndl Shoes for a Modern Look

For a modern, individualistic interpretation of the dirndl look, you can take a risk with your shoes. Choose trendy footwear from the world of high fashion if you don’t want to be restricted by classic brogues.

Budapest shoes, which got their name from the Hungarian capital and are characterized by a playful hole pattern, represent high-quality comfort for men.

In the meantime, elegant Budapest shoes have also become fashionable among women and they can use a wealth of variations to suit their taste. The simple design of these shoes can be combined perfectly with a dirndl skirt. However, it is important to match the male form of the shoe with a feminine style of clothing – but of course this depends on your personal taste.

The dirndl is often described as a traditional piece of Bavarian clothing. They are designed with a distinctive bodice and an A-line skirt that typically flows in ruffles and frills. While many variations exist for the drindl, the most common ones include the red lace blouse, white blouse, green blouse, and black blouse. The traditional design of the dress has attracted a wide following in Germany and even in other parts of the globe, as these pieces are not just for German women but also for people who appreciate this romanticized take on traditional Victorian looks.

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