Why the Meistersinger watches have excellent features?

Innovated in 2001 by Manfred Brassler, Meistersinger specializes in one-hand watches. The idea was inspired by the original exemplifications of timekeeping, including timepiece halls, townhouses, fund watches, and wall timepieces that had only one hand until the 18th century. Now tapping into the latter’s aesthetic, the German watchmaker has launched the Meistersinger Pangea 365 Limited Edition which sports a distinctly attractive appearance. Starting with its defining point, the Meistersinger Pangea 365 watch features a Rooster-inspired design that features a warm ivory dial and a black dial with elegant serifs. As in tradition for Meistersinger watches, the individual numerals are joined by a redundant” 0″ for perfect balance( eg 01, 02, 03) but in a fascinating twist, the numbers are placed at an angle or fully. But put upside down, all meet. Presenting here is the Meistersinger, if you are interested then you can visit here to get.

Meistersinger limited edition watches

Subtle tones of red and blue on the center numbers intermittently are on the twinkles track and the letters” Pangea 365″ at 6 o’clock. The 24-hour scale is also color enciphered. A point of the Meistersinger Pangea is an extra-long and needle-thin hand in the center that tells the time. The Meistersinger Pangea 35 Limited Edition has a black, ivory-colored display against which the hand is finished in color and is adorned with a contoured tip, making it easy to directly place to the nanosecond. The hand is also out of two counters. Eventually, the dial features the Meistersinger logo published in black at 12 o’clock. 

Exhibition case design watches

To watch the Meistersinger Pangea 365 watch, we’re treated to a polished pristine sword case with a periphery of 40 mm and a height of 10.5 mm. A pair of thin, round and unornamented bezels with traditional twist lugs, a fluted winding crown at 3 o’clock and a sapphire translucent case back. The sapphire case also protects the watch surface by furnishing an anti-reflective coating for readability in all conditions. The case back of the Meistersinger Pangea 365 Limited Edition also features a 50-meter waterproof to support in water resistance. Completing the look is a two-tone buckle with a dark brown leather swatch with tone-on stitching and a pristine sword pincushion.

Cleverly modified retaining watch brands

The Meistersinger Pangea 365 watch is presented through the exhibition case with a Sellita SW200 automatic movement cleverly modified to retain the hand Sing hand chronometer. It still supports a frequency of 800 vph and offers a power reserve of around 38 hours. The finishing of the movement is kept classic with a custom-decorated oscillate rotor, purge and stripes on the blue screws. 

Single-hand-designed watches

It combines the aesthetic principles of the award-winning ultramodern single-hand watch, the watches watchmaker innovated with the No.01 timer with the benefits of an automatic movement. Last May, MeisterSinger launched a new 40 mm interpretation of the classic No.03, making it available in two variants, with a black( ref. DM902C) or ivory dial( ref. DM903C). After our introductory composition, we’re now pleased to share our review of the Ivory Dial.

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