Nakul Kapoor (Actor): Wiki, Age, Family, Wife, Career, Net Worth, and more

Who is Nakul Kapoor?

An Indian professional actor, Nakul Kapoor is one of the most famous actor in India. Nakul was born in Delhi, India, on 11 July 1974. His zodiac sign, as per a few astrologers, is Cancer. He is a known Bollywood actor who shows up in Tum Se Achcha Kaun Hai. Also a capable singer, he appeared in a similar movie as a singer. Spirituality turned out to be so critical to him over time that he left the world of fame, the universe of glitz, and all turned into a part of it. “Divine Light” is the name of the yoga center that Nakul runs in Canada.

Nakul Kapoor Biography:

Nakul was born in Delhi, India, on 11 July 1974. He is a famous Bollywood actor who started his career with the movie Tum Se Achcha Kaun Hai with entertainer Aarti Chabria in 2002. There are various movies wherein he has appeared, including Aaja Mere Yaar (2001), and Ho Gayi Hain Mohabbat Tumse (1998).

He right now runs a yoga institute in Canada called Divine Light Yoga. In Canada, his main income is through his work as a yoga teacher. On social media, Nakul referenced his advantage in spirituality. He meditated consistently for peace. It is a distinction for him to have assumed such a significant part for youngsters as a presenter, actor, and writer. He achieved significant accomplishment with his most memorable collection, but his sustained wasn’t sustained. His incredibly charming personality has earned him a great deal of female fans.

Nakul Kapoor Age:

Nakul was born on 11 July 1974. Nakul’s age is 48 years of age, starting around 2022.

Nakul Kapoor Family:

Nakul grew up in Delhi, India. Nakul was brought up in Delhi, India is a deep rooted family. The family has a place with the Hindu culture. All through his life as a youngster, he had an incredibly reserve nature so he didn’t talk a lot of about his family. Thus, neither his dad nor mother is known.

Nakul Kapoor Wife:

The relationship status of Nakul is married. His beautiful wife isn’t mentioned anywhere, so we don’t have a lot of information about her. The couple is believed to be the parents of two children.

Nakul Kapoor Education:

His school days were spent as a average student. His initial education was gotten at a private school. Having moved on from a reputed university in his hometown, he completed his degree.

Nakul Kapoor Career:

His Bollywood career started in 2002 with the movie “Tum se acha Kaun hai”. The movie was a hit in the box office. His film credits incorporate “Aaja Mere Yaar” in 2001, “Ho Gayi Hain Mohabbat Tumse” in 1998, as well as different others. His ability as a singer was reflected in his work as a singer in a similar movie. All through his career, active role in influencing young people, actor, and writers. It has been accounted for that he is presently living in Canada and has also begun a yoga institute there called Divine Light Yoga.

Nakul Kapoor Net Worth:

It has been reported for that Nakul has a total assets of around 3 crores approximately, according to some well known business reports. At present, he earns most of his money through teaching yoga in his Canadian yoga school.

A few Unknown Facts:

  • Born in Delhi, India on July 11, 1974, Nakul Kapoor is an actor and director.
  • “Tum se acha Kaun hai” was the movie that prompted his debut in Bollywood in 2002.
  • His movie credits comprise of “Aaja Mere Yaar” (2001), “Ho Gayi Hain Mohabbat Tumse (1998)” and different movies.
  • In 2002, he appeared in the movie Tum Se Achcha Kaun Hai supported by Aarti Chabria and Kim Sharma.
  • A presenter, actor, and writer, he has been a eminent voice for youngsters.
  • He started a yoga institute in Canada under the name Divine Light Yoga, according to many reports.
  • His number one diversion is meditation.


Our article gives you information about Nakul Kapoor. A former Bollywood actor, Nakul has acted in various movies. His varied career has impacted a large number. He is talented and versatile.

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