Goddard Veterinary Group

Located on Lower Road, Goddard Veterinary Group is the epitome of comprehensive and compassionate care. They understand the profound connection between pets and their owners and strive to nurture that bond, fostering responsible pet ownership and health.

In addition, they host a nurse training college and support homeless pets through pro bono clinics with StreetVet. This dedication to promoting professional development and nurturing the next generation of RVNs earned them the Cat Friendly Practice award.

Preventative Care

The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true when it comes to your pet’s health. Annual check-ups, vaccinations, parasite control, and dental upkeep are crucial to preserving your pet’s overall wellness.

Their highly trained staff also offers a variety of diagnostic testing like blood tests and X-rays to catch any potential issues early on. Beyond preventative care, this clinic also performs surgical procedures ranging from spaying/neutering to more complex operations under stringent safety protocols with minimal discomfort for pets.

Aside from these medical services, Goddard Veterinary Group provides other important pet care like nutritional counseling and behavior consultations. They also offer pet microchipping, which helps keep your pet safe and identify them if they should ever get lost. Reviews of Goddard Veterinary Group show how their team delivers exceptional, uncompromising care to pets in a warm and welcoming environment. The clinic also supports StreetVet in providing free surgeries and vaccines to homeless animals.

Medical Care

Goddard Veterinary Group Chalfont st peter Lower Road Chalfont Saint Peter Gerrards Cross is the premier choice for pet owners who want top-tier care for their furry companions. Their clinics are equipped with advanced technology and equipment, and their teams have a proven track record of providing exceptional service. They offer a wide range of routine services, such as vaccinations, parasite control, dental upkeep, and weight management, to help prevent illnesses and promote long-term health.

They also offer advanced diagnostics, such as blood tests and X-rays, to spot issues before they become serious. And they provide surgical procedures, from spaying and neutering to complex orthopaedic surgeries, all under strict safety protocols and with minimal discomfort for pets.

If your pet is suffering from age-related illness or injury, they can provide in-office pet euthanasia to make the transition as peaceful as possible for you and your pet. They can even sedate your pet to ensure that they are comfortable and calm for the journey home. They can also help you with grief counseling and advice.

Surgical Care

The hospital is open 24hrs a day, 365 days a year, with a highly experienced team of vets and nurses on hand to care for your pet. They offer a comprehensive general practice service including consultations, health-checks, vaccinations, diagnostic tests, and surgical procedures.

They have recently invested in a state of the art veterinary CT scanner which allows them to perform complex internal body biopsies without the need for a general anesthetic. This allows the vet to obtain a more precise diagnosis of a disease and thus give your pet a better chance of recovery.

The practice offers a reminder service via letter, email or text message to let you know when your annual vaccinations are due. However, it remains your responsibility to ensure your pet is up to date with their annual healthcare treatments and you should keep a record of when your pets’ boosters are due.

Dental Care

When it comes to addressing pet dental issues, Goddard Veterinary Group knows that proper hygiene is crucial. That’s why the clinic offers comprehensive cleanings, including the region underneath your dog’s gum line, which is hard for you to reach at home. This prevents plaque and tartar from developing, which can impact your pet’s heart, liver, and kidneys through the bloodstream.

Moreover, the clinic provides a variety of dental treatments, such as crowns and extractions for cracked or worn teeth. They also help your dog lose their baby teeth under general anaesthetic, so that adult teeth can erupt properly.

Goddard Veterinary Group also participates in outreach programs aimed at promoting animal welfare in Gerrards Cross. For example, they host adoption events to connect prospective pet parents with adorable furry friends who need forever homes. The team also teaches children about responsible pet ownership and fosters compassion towards animals.