8 Fantastic Things to Try for Enjoyment

Doing something for enjoyment is not a habit many of us practice nowadays. Often, everything in our calendar serves a purpose, whether it is for our financial, career, or personal goals. Although it is healthy to pursue things, it is also beneficial to do something for fun. When we were kids, we often did things for the pleasure of doing them. We drew because we liked doing it, not because we wanted to become famous artists, and we sang in front of the mirror because it was fun. If you wish to rediscover that childhood feeling of life again, here are a few fantastic things you can do for enjoyment.


Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant species, but its lack of intoxicating psychoactive properties makes this natural compound unique. Hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.2 percent THC will not make you high, nor can it cause paranoia or overdose. CBD will remove some painful physical and mental ailments that keep you back in life.

This cannabinoid is a beautiful remedy for anxiety and depression symptoms. It can lower stress by balancing the cortisol hormone and encouraging the production of serotonin, which is critical for mental well-being. You will notice an ease in pain, whether temporary or chronic, when you take CBD, as this cannabinoid is a potent anti-inflammatory tool that can help people who suffer from chronic pain caused by multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Trying CBD for enjoyment without having too much expectation is a great way to establish a relationship with this cannabinoid. You can invest in a CBD vape pen to experience immediate effects or try CBD gummies for a delayed but longer-lasting result.

Create a vision board

Vision boards are excellent tools to help you figure out your inspiration and career goals or to map out an event in your life. But vision boards do not always have to have a specific purpose. The next time you want to experience fun without expectation, create a vision board about something you enjoy. It does not have to bring you money at the end of the month or success. Maybe it will give something even better: purpose.

Declutter your home

Even if you love bohemian decor and eclectic rooms, there is always room for decluttering. You do not have to be a minimalist to enjoy decluttering your home and removing the things that are not of use or are taking up too much time from your schedule. Take the time to think about how you spend your time at home.

How many hours a week are you wasting tidying when you could be doing other, more fun things? Are the items in your home reminding you of people you no longer have a relationship with or toxic moments in your life that you wish to forget? Decluttering is a great way of giving yourself less time to clean and make space for better mental energy.

Be of service to others

When we are bored, we always think about what we can do for fun, but why not be of service and experience the joy of being there for someone else? You don’t need to fly to a third-world country to be of service. You can visit the local animal shelter and spend time with animals or check in with your neighbors to see if they need help with anything.


Painting is an easy-going way of spending time, but as adults, we often stop painting after we grow up because we think we are not good enough. You can be the worst painter in the world and still enjoy the act of painting. You are not here to create masterpieces if this is not what you are meant to do. Instead, use your time painting as a moment in your day to forget about the stress of work and life and enjoy doing something simply for pleasure.

Bake something complicated

The next time you have an hour or more on your hands, why not bake something complicated. From bread to soufflé, the culinary world is filled with complex recipes that amateurs would never dare try. But if you have the time, why not?

Make a photo album

Chances are, you have thousands of photos on your phone and never take the time to browse through them. So why not create a photo album for family and friends to give as a gift the next time there is a special occasion? Photo albums are better than online photos because they are tangible memories that can be placed on the shelf and browsed through more often.

Pick up litter

For the eco-conscious soul, why not appease your anxiety over climate change by doing a little cleanup the next time you have some free time? Head to the beach or the local park, or take a walk down your street and pick up any litter you find. Every little act we do can have a ripple effect on climate change, and this can be your contribution to helping the planet.

Doing things for the pleasure of doing them is a beautiful way of spending time. Even so, sitting with boredom and noting every inch of it is an excellent way of learning to accept uncomfortable situations.